Working at OK-RM, London
Campagne for the School of Arts, KASK graduation
For Studio Jurgen Maelfeyt
Full campagne for the GRADUATION 16 event. Each graduate receives a ring to commemorate their time a. Unfortunately this proposal was rejected.
Identity commissioned by the city of Ghent
Together with Arthur Haegeman
Our main objective was to incorporate the characteristics of ‘art in public space’ into the identity. We achieved this using the website as a blank wall. Visitors could make drawings or write messages all over the website. This resulted in people playing Connect Four, voicing their opinions and a lot of dicks on the homepage. A festival was organised as apotheoses to the ongoing 5 month art route. All drawings that were contributed by the visitors where used throughout the festival’s communication.
Started internship at Studio Jurgen Maelfeyt (BE)
Finished Masters at KASK, School of Arts Ghent.
Masterproject for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
Other Ways Of consists of a thesis (NL) and a graduation project made for KASK, School of Arts. Both incorporate the same idea of moving away from the conventional ways of how identities are developed and executed. In the spirit of Karl Gerstner’s Programme Entwerfen, Other Ways Of takes a very systematic approach to identity and design. The graduation project consists of a websystem developed for a fictional art museum dubbed ‘het gebouw’ (‘the building’). The core idea behind it is that designers can transform a set of rules for an identity into literal code language which results in a self-sustaining identity. The system is meant to be used by anyone; from the curators to the communication department. The system revolves around a dynamic fill-in form. Depending on the request that’s made using the form, it shows the possible options for your submission. The designer’s involvement is in the parameters set inside the system. For my example the following choices are applied: through a web-search an image is retrieved, colorschemes are set up using this image, a typeface (sans-serif or serif) is set up and and a grid is created using biographical information (age, art discipline, deceased or alive). These parameters are set up as examples for this systematic approach and should not be seen as the only solution.
Started master at KASK, School of Arts Ghent.
Finished bachelor at KASK, School of Arts Ghent.
Bachelorproject for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
297 × 210 mm, PVC Cover
Plotpoint is an interactive route throughout Ghent. Participants were given a Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. However this version had the plotpoints stripped from it (cf. Syd Field’s Narrative Structures). These missing plotpoints could be filled in by visiting certain spots at certain times in Ghent where the missing parts were broadcasted as an audioreading. Each location had a connection with the specific story it was broadcasting. It could be athmospheric (e.g. sounds) or certain elements that were part of the story (e.g. a forrest, gas station). In the end participants would have an adaptation of the story depending on the locations they visited.
Identity assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
Identity sketch made for the M Museum in Leuven. The entire identity relies on templates that need to be filled in either by the designer (e.g. posters, flyer,...), employees of the museum (e.g. cards) or even visitors themselves (e.g. personal ‘M’ on the website). This dynamic character makes it possible for the identity to adapt to each individual event or communication.
Publication assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
240 × 170 mm, 5 Issues
UFO is a bi-monthly zine that tries to archive as much information about ufology as possible. UFO strives to become the ultimate encyclopedia on the subject. The archive is divided into four categories: history, documents, contact and research. These categories make it possible to explore every boundary of the ufo phenomena.
Typographic assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
A naive sans-serif typeface developed in cooperation with Timo Bonneure (BE) & Josse Pyl (BE). The assignment was to create an entire typeface from an existing title (i.e. small dot on the ‘i’ charachter). The entire typeface was developed during a workshop lead by Dries Wiewauters (BE) and features a slanted weight.
Publication assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
240 × 170 mm
A publication made in cooperation with Arthur Haegeman (BE) and created during a four-day workshop lead by Charlotte Cheetham (FR). The assignment was to make a top 10 catalogue from books found in the KASK library. Our catalogue featured the top 10 most neglected books from the library. The mission statement reads: every year Trash to Treasure collects the most neglected books from the kask library. We’re talking about that little book that has been hiding at the back of the shelf or the dull grey cover nobody ever seemed to notice. Our mission is to give these books a second chance. To give them a place to shine, a moment of spotlight. No specific type or genre is required. The only qualification: the books must have barely left the library.
Publication assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
240 × 170 mm
Programmation booklet proposal for Vooruit, a cultural platform in Ghent (BE). The entire booklet is cut with tear strips so each event can be torn out. This technique is also used on the posters. Each poster has the showing printed on the back as a small size flyer. These can be torn off the same way as in the booklet. This makes the posters degradable.
Publication assignment for KASK, School of Arts Ghent
240 × 170 mm
In 1986 the contemporary art museum in Ghent (BE) – the predecessor of S.M.A.K. – Organized Chambres d’Amis a large-scale art route throughout the city. Chambres d’Amis made history by breaking down the walls of the museum and exhibiting 51 works of art in private homes in the city of Ghent (BE). This publication provides a nostalgic overview of this art route. The images of the artworks are provided separately as stickers that need to be pasted in the right place of the publication.
Started bachelor at KASK, School of Arts Ghent.